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How To Write Social Media Content Faster: A 2-Step Technique

As a media agency, we know the drill of how contents are created and how to get the best out of it, which could include spending more than six hours a day curating content for clients, diving deep into the curation of hashtags and headlines, and high engagement.

But guess what? It wasn’t always this efficient. It used to take double the time, just like it might for many of you. But what changed?

We have discovered the secret sauce, and we are excited to share it with you.

The Problem:

This is going straight to writing. Imagine this: You’re all fired up, ready to craft that Instagram masterpiece. You dive right into writing, fueled by motivation and creativity. Yet, within minutes, you find yourself stuck, hitting the backspace key more often than you’d like to admit.

Sounds familiar? It happens to every creative

The Solution: My 2-Step Technique

Before you start penning that brilliant social media post, take a step back and consider these two essential questions:

  1. What’s your concept for this brand?

Your concept is the backbone of your content. It’s the grand idea, the unique angle, and the ‘why’ behind each of your posts. Knowing your concept helps you outline your thoughts, giving structure and purpose to your content.

  1. What’s your goal for this brand?

Every social media post or piece of content should have a goal, whether it’s to inform, entertain, inspire, or drive action. Knowing your goal guides the direction of each post you make, helping you craft it in a way that’s effective and impactful.

By starting with these two simple yet powerful questions, you set yourself up for success:

You gain clarity on what you want to say and why.
You reduce the time spent staring at a blank screen.
You write with intention, increasing the likelihood of engaging your audience and
You become a more effective social media manager.

Instead of putting up all those in-built energy to crafting spontaneous contents, take your time to apply two simple questions into proper workings

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